Specialists at Fidler & Pepper Lawyers have launched a new initiative aimed at giving people peace of mind should they stop being able to make decisions for themselves.

The initiative sees Fidler & Pepper offer to arrange Lasting Powers of Attorney for just £199.00 (Plus VAT) per person, per POA, throughout the month of March 2019.

There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney, covering Financial Decisions, or Health and Care. Having these in place mean important and personal decisions are made by trusted people who you have chosen to do so.

Without such schemes in place, court or council-appointed organisations can make decisions on behalf of people who cannot make their own, perhaps due to injuries from an accident, or mental health matters.

Richard Howard, Fidler & Pepper’s Head of Private Client, said: “It can be too late to get a Power of Attorney in place, but it can never be too soon. Having a POA in place can reduce further heartache and give people peace of mind that wishes will be taken by family or friends.

“Sadly, for some people, life-changing events such as illnesses or accidents happen and they become incapacitated and unable to express their wishes and make decisions on their own.

“And it can mean that decisions are made that are not what family members or the person concerned might want.

“It can cause additional heartache, legal procedures and money when it really isn’t welcomed – or needed.”

Richard adds: “This is a discounted rate but we’re doing it to encourage more and more people to get their affairs in order and get that peace of mind.”

For more about Wills, and Power of Attorney, visit www.fidler.co.uk or call 01623 45 11 11.

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