Mansfield Garage doors Limited and an Order under the Companies Act 2006.
Mansfield Garage Doors writes:
We wanted to keep local people updated on a recent news story involving ourselves and another local garage door company to save any possible confusion to existing or potential customers and suppliers.
We have, over the past 18 months, been involved in a very lengthy tribunal process.
Another local company registered our trading name (Mansfield Garage Doors) as their registered business name, causing a lot of confusion amongst current and potential customers and suppliers. Their reasons for doing this are very vague as you will understand once reading the full report, by clicking on the link below.
We attended a Tribunal Hearing in London on 7th October 2019, where we were represented by a Barrister. The respondents did not attend, although it was themselves who requested the hearing.
The outcome of the Tribunal was in our favour and the respondent company were ordered, under the Companies Act 2006, to change their name within a month of the decision. This decision was published on 7th November 2019 and we were informed on that date too. The respondent company’s name was changed on 6th December 2019.
Our registered company name has now been changed from Kirk Silo (Installations) Ltd to Mansfield Garage Doors Ltd (which has been our trading name – apart from the ‘Ltd’ – for the past 35 years) Our company registration is 932921.
A comment from a company spokesperson: “It’s been a long road with lots of time, resources and emotions poured into it, however, we welcome the outcome and are very pleased with the result. Our business has been trading for over 50 years and for another local company to hijack our name was very disappointing! We welcome healthy competition, however, this action by another local company was not what we would expect of our local competition. We now feel sense and justice has prevailed. Our holding Limited Company name was different to our trading name and the reason for this difference was out of respect and values to the family name.”
Please feel free to read the full report, by clicking on the link below. This was published on 7th November 2019
Thank you to everybody for their support in this Tribunal including Hopkins Solicitors and Wall & Partners Accountants.

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