Local writer Leon Prince recently hosted a book reading at Mansfield Woodhouse library to year 5 & 6 pupils from local primary school – The Bramble Academy part of The Evolve Trust.
His book, ‘Marshall’s Life Lessons’, is based on a lion that sets a goal and learns many important lessons on his way to achieving the goal.
Leon is hoping to get more local schools to support the book and the important message it delivers to young people.
Local business leader Ian Jephson, Commercial Director at Jephson Shopfitters and Trustee for The Evolve Trust, heard about the book via local connections and wanted to support the writer by providing a platform to promote. Ian shares: ‘When I heard Leon had written a book aimed at children over the age of six – teaching them how to set goals and how to achieve them; I immediately put my trustee hat on and thought about the young people at The Bramble Academy’
Ian introduced Leon to the Head Teacher and arranged the book reading at the Mansfield Woodhouse Library for their year 5 & 6 pupil.
Ian continues ‘I’m passionate about the area and believe every young person should have the opportunity to thrive. Education is very important and I also believe books help develop self-growth and imagination. It’s fantastic to have someone that works as an electrician and personal trainer by day making the time to write and publish a book that he hopes will help kids in the future. After reading the meaningful message of Marshalls Life lessons I’m sure many parents will be encouraged by the messages too’.
It was great to see how The Bramble Academy students were so engaged with the story and took the opportunity to ask lots of good questions to the author. Thanks to sponsorship from Ian Jephson each child now has their very own copy of Marshall’s Life Lessons.
To buy Leon’s book – Marshall’s Life Lessons Facebook page.


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