Brindis is a specialist sales performance consultancy run by consultants for clients. By having direct interaction with stakeholders we are better able to deliver required outcomes more effectively.

We are all about ‘performance enhancement’ for the people we work with and all over the world Brindis has worked with clients to improve the results of both individuals and teams.

Results are achieved through a variety of interventions including training, coaching and consulting. By working to understand what will make a difference, Brindis can generate ‘applied insight’ and ensure that all stakeholders in the development process receive a return on their investment.

Fred Copestake, Founder and Principal Consultant tells us that he joined M&A 2020 because…

…’Although I work on a national and international basis I realised that having a strong local network is important. Making connections where experience can be shared is invaluable and the mutual support something that makes this kind of networking very worthwhile.
    As a consultant I am ‘wired to help’ and I am sure there are many other like minded individuals I will meet through Mansfield 2020 which can only go to improve the Brindis way of working”


Fred is an experienced consultant specialising in the field of sales, leadership and performance.He can be contacted through linkedin 
Not only this, he has also co-authored a book about building mutually beneficial customer relationships. More information can be found here:
We hope that all of our members will extend Fred and his company, Brindis a very warm welcome!

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