This project will pilot an interactive training course to help line managers promote and protect the mental well-being of the people they manage. We want to discover if it improves line managers’ awareness, confidence, and skills and identify any improvements.
What we would need from participating companies
We would like companies to suggest participants (line managers who are directly responsible for 3 or more employees) who would be willing to undertake five brief self-led modules (designed to take 20 to 30 minutes to complete) at their own pace and at a time that suits them. These modules are:

  • Module one: Looking after your own mental health
  • Module two: Designing and managing work to promote mental well-being
  • Module three: Management competencies that prevent work-related stress
  • Module four: Developing a psychologically safe workplace
  • Module five: Having conversations about mental health at work

We will supply the necessary information for you to pass on to your line managers, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the project and their involvement. At the start of the training, we will provide each participant with a suggested schedule, whereby line managers will be encouraged to schedule and complete one module per week.
We will collect feedback from participants using an online survey before and after the training and at the end of each module. Additionally, we will invite some participants to speak with us about their experience of taking part in the pilot. Participation is entirely voluntary and participants will be free to leave the study at any time if they no longer wish to participate.
We anticipate the study commencing in June this year (2021). 
We will have acquired full ethical clearance before this study commences and we will ensure that no organisation or individual participants can be identified either directly or indirectly in any subsequent reports or publications. All participant feedback will be stored anonymously and we will keep any identifying information securely and separately. We will provide a detailed participant information form and a participant consent form for both organisations and individual participants before starting the study.
If you have any further questions about the project at this stage or would like to discuss taking part in the research, please contact Craig Bartle (lead researcher for the project):
E: [email protected]
T: 07980 267 187

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