Specialising in the fabrication of structural steelwork, Arromax Structures Ltd, a privately owned company, was founded in 1987 and has earned an enviable reputation for producing high quality steelwork on budget and on time. With extensive experience the company’s professional and dedicated team work closely with clients to deliver a superior service which is responsive, efficient and flexible to clients needs…

Committed to innovation.

At Arromax we embrace innovation and a programme of continual investment enables the latest technological developments to be adopted. Computer aided design and manufacture in particular have delivered significant benefits to clients through the guaranteed quality and accuracy of the steel products as well as gaining time and cost efficiencies in manufacture.

Quality assured…

Through a highly skilled, long serving workforce, supported with the latest equipment and technology, Arromax consistently delivers high quality steel fabrications. To facilitate and maintain our commitment to quality we operate rigorous quality management systems. For complete assurance the company is also a BCSA Member and a Registered Qualified Steelwork Contractor.

Safety a priority

Throughout all Arromax’s activities Health and Safety is a priority. The company takes responsibility for ensuring that the highest safety standards are implemented and maintained in order to safeguard our employees.

Environmentally responsible

Arromax operates with a commitment to minimise the impact of steelwork fabrication on the environment. The company also recognises the environmental, social and economic benefits of sustainable steel and continually endeavours to promote and enable the sustainability of steel as far as possible.

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