Smart Thinking Public Relations

Mandatum PR can help drive your brand forward because we are a proactive Nottinghamshire PR agency backed with many years of experience in media and public relations.

For us, good PR is about working out what you want to say, why and to whom. Great PR is about how you do it and deliver PR results. That’s the right road for you.

We write press releases, we write PR features and case studies. We also advise on how best to use LinkedIn and Twitter (among other social media tools that are useful to the PR practitioner). We also connect people and organisations. We go beyond the boundaries of normal PR.

So, whether it’s developing a PR plan for your company or honing down your PR messages, and whether it’s a one-off PR push or a fully-integrated public relations campaign, we can use our experience to raise your profile and build your reputation locally, regionally or nationally.

Most importantly, we listen to what you, the client requires from PR.

We help small companies and national organisations to stand out from the crowd. We could be helping you too so if you need some proactive PR support, simply get in touch.

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