Our story

Established in 1989, Nottingham Independent Domestic Abuse Services (NIDAS) is the only independent specialist charity delivering domestic abuse intervention and prevention services across the districts of Ashfield and Mansfield in Nottinghamshire.

We work with those experiencing this from the crisis stage to recovery by reducing the immediate risks they face and preventing further abuse, including the sadly genuine possibility of serious harm or even homicide.

What we do

We support, mobilise, and inspire families and individuals affected by abusive and unhealthy relationships. By offering tailored guidance (either 1:1 or in groups) and putting the client’s needs first, the end goal is to break the cycle of abuse and prevent future incidents.  We aim to make a lasting difference rather than just short-term benefits

The services that we specialise in are: –

Family Team – The whole family approach works with families at the most vulnerable and at risk of experiencing domestic abuse at the earliest stage possible.  Through providing awareness towards unhealthy behaviours within a relationship, the goal is to reduce harm and repeat victimisation.

Children and Young People’s Team – Holistic support using creative and age-appropriate techniques and tools, such as offering sexual health and relationships classes and holding outreach sessions in schools/ colleges/ youth clubs.  We also believe an early intervention with this cohort will help break the cycle of abuse.

Art Psychotherapy- Aimed at individuals, families and children affected by domestic abuse this an art programme that utilises visual art media as its primary mode of communication and self-expression. These courses will focus on the creativity and enjoyment associated with art to help people work through life experiences that they may find challenging to talk about

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