R.E.A.L.’s vision is to create outstanding alternative provision and services that enable young people who have been marginalised by their exceptional and complex special needs to develop skills and capabilities leading to them becoming independent and employable adults who can interact and contribute positively within their communities.

Since its formation in 2008, R.E.A.L. Education has earned an excellent reputation for re-engaging children and young people whose additional needs and associated behaviours have been a barrier to engagement and learning in mainstream settings. Our tutors provide the encouragement and climate for learning to raise aspiration and inspire students to work to their full potential and overcome the barriers to their learning that have previously hindered engagement, advancement and success.

We provide a broad range of education programmes for students from school age through to adulthood. In our work we have committed to Rethink Engagement and Approaches to Learning and this has lead to a solution focussed approach that places the student at the heart of their learning.

Our services include independent schools, vocational group opportunities and 1:1 supported learning programmes.

We believe in advocating high ambition, enabling education and business and training partners to work in synergy in a controlled and mutually supportive environment.

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