Providing transformational coaching for splendid women and magnificent men.

Chances are you are an accomplished and successful professional, you’ve been busy achieving, perhaps for years. It’s also likely that your success comes with some costs; time for you, your family and friends, health and well-being, recreation.

Possibly too, despite the results you’ve created, you still don’t believe in yourself as much as others do, in fact sometimes you wonder how you keep getting away with it.

You are not alone!

I help smart, ambitious and hard-working professionals like you to create a fulfilling and sustainable new chapter, make a bigger impact and enjoy life more.

“As a believer in constantly evaluating your own performance, managing your potential and maximising your understanding of yourself, I recognise you need a coach, mentor and critical friend. To operate at the highest levels, it is easy to lose sight of the real “”you””. Sarah is a brilliant individual who can understand the stresses and dilemmas of your leadership journey. I was amazed at her insightful thinking, honesty and genuine experience, which translated into my world. Sarah gave me the tools to unpick my emotions, discover my thoughts and remaining ambitions but most of all restored my confidence in my ability to lead, live and enjoy my role as a Leader, Husband and Father. Truly inspirational, talented and authentic, highly recommended.”

Allen Graham – CEO Rushcliffe Borough Council

“9 months and 12 coaching sessions with Sarah have flown by. Sarah has helped me to balance my work and social life, solve some immediate dilemmas and prepare for the future with excitement rather than trepidation. On reflection I am now happier, more confident and I don’t hide my emotions and thoughts as much. Most of all our sessions have helped me to have pride and value in what I bring to discussions and projects and I am sure this has resulted in improved outcomes. Sarah is a great listener and can provide a good challenge and I look forward to continuing our relationship over the next year.”

Dave Mitchell – Executive Manager Communities Rushcliffe Borough Council

“Sarah took me through a series of very well designed (individually tailored) exercises which got right to the heart of my needs. As a consummate professional, Sarah has the ability to hold the space with great encouragement and integrity whilst coaching you through layers of resistance and unhelpful patterns to emerge revitalised the other side. Finding a renewed motivation and deeper commitment towards ever greater authenticity, presence and creativity to unlock even more potential and balance whole life needs.”

Nina Daubin – CEO at Nottinghamshire Community Foundation”

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