Xposure is a boutique creative digital marketing agency with a unique blend of skills and people. We work with companies implementing and analysing their sales and marketing to help them grow, whilst saving time and money.

How? Well, we use AI marketing to make sure we attract the best leads and nurture them so they are ready to buy.

We use automation to follow up and dynamic content that adapts based on their personal profile. And we plug the gaps where good, potential clients fall through your existing marketing and sales.

What we do

Our services help you unlock the hidden sales within your business.

We work with you month on month to develop refine and implement marketing and sales strategies that deliver day after day.

We work with Marketing Directors, Sales Directors and Managing Directors to join up marketing and sales, to plug the gaps potential clients fall through and attract the right people to grow your business.

Our Services


XposureHUB is our flagship service that combines everything we know into one complete service.

In other words, we work with you every month, developing and refining your marketing and sales process, so you can spend more time with the right clients who love what you do. This isn’t a one size fits all marketing and sales system, it is a framework we develop and build up that is unique to you and your business.


XposureWEB is our web development and hosting service that creates beautiful looking websites that inform, persuade and generate enquiries for your business.


XposureDIGITAL is our digital marketing service that works to deliver leads from the web to your inbox or telephone. Consisting of a range of complementary services we promote your businesses unique proposition online to potential customers, build trust and persuade them to enquire about your services.

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