Mansfield Rugby Club has received an £850 donation from Mansfield Building Society’s Community Support Scheme for coloured flags to aid safeguarding at match days and training.

The Rugby Club, based at Eakring Road, is home to several senior teams, as well as junior boys and girls teams ranging from under 7s to under 18s, and is a Community Amateur Sports Club that relies on donations and sponsorship in order to continue running.

A haven to many a local rugby fan, the club feels like home to many of its current and former players. When all teams are playing at home, there can be over 200 juniors to organise at any one time. 

This means co-ordinating playing teams, training groups and visiting teams into sections around the playing pitches is complicated and can be a bit of a scrum. Having to be in the right place at the right time can be confusing and therefore presents a potential safety and safeguarding issue. This identified a need to put up colour coded marker flags and corresponding signage to help all players clearly pick out where they need to be.

Andrew Foster, Marketing Officer at Mansfield Rugby Club, explains:

“The Society’s Community Support Scheme donation means a lot to the club, the signage and flags are a massive boost to the way we can run the club, organise training and game days by clearly signposting to our younger players where they need to be.” 

Richard Crisp, Commercial Development Executive at the Mansfield, commented:

“The popularity of Mansfield Rugby Club speaks for itself when you look at the number of people that turn up for training and matches every week. The club stands firmly on its own two feet in being a fantastic asset to the local community, but being able to provide them with a donation to strengthen the great work they already do, is exactly what our Community Support Scheme is here for.”

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