Mansfield Central Library is searching for a provider to enhance the library with the addition of a brand new café, catering to library customers and members of the public. A soft-market testing exercise invites ideas and independent views from potential external café providers.

Run by Inspire on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council and located in the heart of the market town of Mansfield, Mansfield Central Library provides a vibrant central focus for inspiring the enjoyment of reading, creativity, learning, information, heritage, community and culture for all.
The café space is located in a bright, open mezzanine, serviced by a professional kitchen, and could be a tasty pit-stop for the roughly 13,500 people who were visiting us monthly, pre-COVID.
Nottinghamshire County Council is supporting our procurement process, and are keen to support local businesses and residents to get back into the community.
If you think you might be interested, check out the walkthrough video of the library above and visit our website for more information about the café space to get a sense of what’s on offer. Visit Nottinghamshire County Council’s procurement portal for more information and to submit interest and views.
Visit the procurement portal here 

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