Do you have any concerns you would like to raise with Mansfield District Council? It’s organising one of its ‘Meet the Mayor’ sessions, only due to current circumstances, this will be conducted online via a Q&A format at 8am on Monday 6 July and you have to submit your questions in advance.
As well as the Mayor, the council’s senior team will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about reopening and “the new normal” after the coronavirus lockdown.

The Mayor told us: “The council has been facing significant challenges during this lockdown but is now working towards recovery and supporting the local economy. This is about achieving a balance between a social responsibility to maintain control of the virus and helping people to stay safe, with the needs local businesses by encouraging those who can go back to work to do so safely. We believe it’s important to establish public confidence and trust to help us down this road to recovery and we want to be open and honest about what we can do to help and what you can do, as well, to help us all to build that confidence.”

If you want to discuss local challenges you are facing and ask about what the council is doing to maximise Mansfield’s recovery, make sure you get your questions to [email protected] by Tuesday 30 June.

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