Businesses that were not eligible for government funding through previous COVID-19 related financial support packages, including the Small Business Grant Fund or the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Fund, are being invited to apply for funding through the Discretionary Grant Fund from today.
The new fund of £944,500 is aimed at small and micro businesses that can demonstrate they have suffered a significant fall in income because of COVID-19, have ongoing fixed property-related costs and occupy property or shared office space.
It is important to note that this fund is significantly smaller than the previous COVID-19 grant schemes and will only be able to support a limited number of businesses, which have not already received financial support from previous grants.
To check your eligibility for a grant visit our website and answer some simple questions. If you are eligible, complete the online application form before the closing date of 19 June.
All eligible applications will be determined as quickly as possible after 19 June and payments will be made later this month.
We have worked with other councils across Nottinghamshire to ensure the scheme is fair, consistent and reflects the criteria within the Government’s guidance.

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