88.7% of ‘Professional Occupations’ in the UK worked from home in April due to Covid19, according to an ONS Study released on 8th July.
Once the lockdown subsided, many did not return to the workplace, continuing to work from home for fear of a second wave.
One Professional bucking that trend is Victoria Prince, a local self-employed Marketing Consultant, who has worked at home and remotely for the last 5 years.
Victoria, 39, of Ladybrook Estate, explains why she’s changing :

“I have huge ambitions for Touchpoints Marketing, and part of that ‘bigger picture’ is creating a training space to help other local businesses with their marketing strategies. My mission is to aid Entrepreneurs to scale their businesses faster. Whether that’s a start-up or scale-up.
“Katie and the team at Concept 360 have the perfect space for me, to welcome in a small handful of business owners at a time, whilst adhering to all the Covid19 rules.”

Concept 360 is thrilled to welcome another local business into their workspace centre, the fourth to sign a contract during October.
Katie Cooper-Lewis, CEO explains:

“The team here at Concept 360 actively supports and encourages all local businesses in Mansfield, despite the unprecedented climate. When I met Victoria, I just knew this space would work for her business vision and we look forward to watching it all unfold ”

In response to the ONS data, Katie commented:

“We’ve had a lot of requests for office space this month, with four new contracts signed in October alone!”

The handover of the key took place on Friday 23rd October, in line with #ChampagneDay

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