Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 are busy behind the scenes collaborating with members to deliver interesting content via online platforms such as Zoom to help businesses in the region work their way out of the current crisis.
Our first instalment of this series is with regards to HR and H&S and will be run in early June.
We have a couple of other Q&A sessions with member experts in the pipeline and would like to offer the opportunity to our other businesses to get involved.
Following our Business Landscape Survey completed last week, we have collated the list of workshops and training that our respondents would be most interested in.

If you feel you could offer anything on the list above, then please get in touch to have a conversation about how we could work together to get an initial first session in the diary.
Perhaps you have another idea for our members that isn’t on this list?
We are open to working on anything if we feel that our businesses will benefit, so please get in touch with Ella by email to arrange a call to discuss.

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