It seems that every week we are faced with more challenges to deal with as we get to grips with the ease of sanctions that have changed the lives of many and will impact upon many more in the future.
Face coverings, social distancing, personal hygiene and common sense along with everyone doing their bit will influence how the local area may or may not be further affected in the future.
However, we feel we must remember that these measures are there to help protect and we should all continue doing our bit to keep ourselves and others safe.
On the topic of face coverings and PPE in general it is becoming apparent that there are an increasing number of PPE experts popping up. This is of concern and should be taken very seriously. PPE is not something you simply put on and take off. It is provided for specific reasons, and those using face coverings for example should not take for granted how important putting the covering on correctly, removing correctly and either washing or disposing of correctly is to your own safe being.
Should you not be sure get in touch with us at MA2020 and we will signpost you to our H&S member experts to offer guidance.
With more businesses re-opening we are seeing the signs of how the new norm may take shape.
Unfortunately, many businesses may still struggle and there will be an inevitable growth in unemployment. And as such it is imperative that as a business community, we work together to support each other through the next few months.
My message is quite simple “when and where you can, trade locally, deal with local businesses and help your local community begin to thrive.”
Here at M&A 2020 we continue our business support package of events with Mark Cawar of Feather Partnership delivering a great taster session around the use of and effectiveness of Microsoft 365 on business process and the efficiencies that can be had from using digital technology.
Nigel Lamb of Xposure explaining the way automation can assist your efficiency.
Nicky Silver guiding us through the minefield of how to be fair and consistent when faced with the possibility of dealing with redundancies (and how if possible, to avoid getting to that place).
Our monthly breakfast event saw local celebrity Rebecca Adlington talking about the launch of her swimathon.
For all our August events check us out here.
Recent weeks has seen a lot of activity with both Discover Ashfield and Making Mansfield Place Boards working up projects for their respective Towns funds bids.
A lot of work has gone into this to date and I for one applaud all the efforts of the respective local authorities and the stakeholders who are volunteer members of both organisations for the due diligence being paid to getting the best bid proposals possible compiled ready for submission in October.
As always comments, concerns, stories and news from the membership and the wider business community are always welcome, as they give us food for thought on topics for social media and to support the events we plan in order to help you.
To be more involved become a member, together we are stronger and can achieve.
For further information please contact us on
[email protected] or [email protected].
Have a great weekend
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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