Almost the end of August, where does time go these days?
The lockdown for many slowed the pace of life to somewhat sensible levels but it seems we are all now ramping up again and time just flies by.
M&A 2020 continue to provide support for members and the wider business community in order to allow you to rethink your strategies, processes and operations with peer group workshops and Q&A sessions along with our continual work on signposting you to where the best and most relevant information can be found.
The aim being to allow you take a minute, slow down a little and focus on how best to work your recovery or growth planning.
This month we have run sessions on business planning and how to put the steps in place to help drive your business out of the crisis, if you missed it then you can watch Rod Fullers very engaging presentation again here. Following on from that John Morley from i-Sourcer delivered a session on tips to help increase your visibility on Linkedin. The session was well received, and John would more than happy to help if this is an area you struggle with, get in touch here.
For our remaining August events check out our events page
I have said many times during the last few months that the resilience of the Mansfield & Ashfield business community is second to none. And as such we must work hard together to continually support each other through what are still challenging times.
Is it time to consider partnerships and new supply chain relationships that collaboratively provide customers with a new means to trade?
Is it time to invest (even though cash may be tight) in technology, training, coaching and mentoring?
Is it time to review working practices that can offer more flexibility and produce increased productivity?
All things that the “new norm” is making us look at in a significantly different way.
We would welcome your comments around these issues so that we can plan for more detailed and comprehensive support for you and your business.
Please contact us on [email protected]or [email protected].
Due to COVID we have had many distractions that have taken us away from the dreaded Brexit word. However, the end of 2020 will see us move to yet more business related issues and it would again be of benefit if you could get in touch and let us know what concerns you in terms of your business, so that we can voice the business community views in the right arenas.
On another note, taking a wander around our town centres recently it is not hard to see that retail is still struggling. I would implore our members and the wider community to do what you feel safe doing in getting around the local businesses and doing what you can to support them.
My message continues to be “when and where you can, trade locally, deal with local businesses and help your local community begin to thrive.”
If you have been to our sessions and would like to get more from us, then speak with Ella McManus about committing to be a member and what benefits that can bring to you.
Through becoming a member, we become a louder voice, we can pull together and by being stronger we will achieve more.
Have a great weekend
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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