Well, Autumn has arrived, bringing with it a threat of some colder nights and frosty mornings.
Not much changes there then.
But what else has Autumn brought to us?
Unfortunately, an increase in numbers of COVID 19 cases.
As a business and social community Mansfield & Ashfield have done very well to manage the Government guidelines and to act with common sense, rational behaviours and a mutual respect for each other, culminating in the low figures we have encountered overall.
I have said many times that a collaborative will to work together and support each other will help us build solid foundations for the future.
We at MA2020 have had many of the same challenges faced by you our members but we continue to look to the future with positivity and hope that you have benefited from the support we have offered.
We will continue, now that face to face gatherings appear to be somewhere in the future, with our virtual JUST Networking events. The next being Thursday 10th October.
Our virtual breakfast meetings will continue, the next being Thursday 15th October until the end of the calendar year as we currently see things, so we hope you will continue to engage with our speakers and with your peers.
I feel that for these to continue to be of benefit to both members and the wider community, that we must continue with open and honest dialogue of how you feel, how your staff are feeling and what are your current concerns. This allows us to continually signpost you to the most relevant information and for us to be the voice of the business community.
There are new monetary support packages on offer through local authorities, growth hub and other national schemes that may well benefit some of you so please if you struggle ask and we will do our utmost to point you in the right direction.
During the last three months of 2020 we will seek to offer up some meaningful workshops again aimed at assisting businesses to plough through the troubled waters.
I write this before our Annual Awards ceremony which I hope goes well and is an enjoyable experience away from the day to day pressures.
We are not techno experts but felt it was right and proper to recognise the great businesses around the Mansfield & Ashfield region and some of the great people within them.
Obviously not everyone can win but for me I can certainly state that I am proud to represent a great business community and will continue to support you all as best I can so that we all eventually become winners, working in, living in and enjoying a region of growth and prosperity.
I have said in most of my correspondences that I would like existing members to renew, to talk to friends, business associates and the wider business community to join our group as we push forward with the vision of how we will continue to give excellent support and to be more involved in the issues that matter and can be influenced by having a large collective voice.
If membership is not your thing then involvement should be. Get in touch, visit our website (new one under build shortly), engage with our sessions and your peers, but most of all never think you are on your own.
For anyone interested please contact us at [email protected]or [email protected].
Many thanks to all who have attended our programme of events during the last six month and we look forward to seeing and engaging with you through the Autumn/Winter period.
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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