I hope I find everyone in good health and starting to get ever closer to some kind of ‘new normality’?
It has been a challenging 18 month for many businesses, business leaders, families and their friends/colleagues that is for sure.
We at M&A 2020 have been hit hard by the effects on our members businesses but continue to drive forward with the development of our new interactive website (to be launched soon – watch this space), the preparations for our return to face to face networking in September, along with our face to face Annual awards.
We continue to look for all means of offerings to support the membership, the wider business and social communities and our local authorities with workshops, webinars, sector specific or subject specific support.
I implore you as members to continue to engage with us and to bring along prospective new members when we get the face-to-face events up and running.
A large voice of business will be more than useful in coming months and years as we look to get the best impact from towns fund bids, future high street funds, covid recovery, business support and CRF funds.
I have said it several times that Mansfield and Ashfield businesses are very resilient, which has been proven by the number of surviving, growing and start-up busiensses we are seeing.
But do not tread the journey forward alone, get involved with us to help you be bigger, better, and stronger.
We must all, as I am sure you are aware, be very sensible in our way of work or home life over the coming weeks as we settle into what was our norm. Good hygiene should always be at the forefront of our minds, social distancing if asked for by business should be respected no matter our personal viewpoint and wearing of face coverings again should be respected if requested.
Don’t forget many of the businesses have had troubled times and the last thing they want now is to step backwards. And finally, should local bars and restaurants ask for proof of vaccination then think the bigger picture rather than a personal dislike to the request. These business owners are simply attempting to protect their staff and their business.
I am sure we in the Mansfield and Ashfield area can support our local businesses positively and sensibly.
As for us, we will continue to offer twice monthly Just networking sessions during August, aimed at giving you a platform to market yourself and to build new relationships.
We continue to hold our monthly breakfast meetings with keynote speakers and topics that will hopefully be both engaging and of benefit. The next will be held at Portland College on the 23rd September 2021.
You will find details of our events here.
We are still looking to you, our members and the wider business community to come forward and let us know what would best serve your needs.
It would be absolutely fantastic if we could get engagement with manufacturing, engineering and retail businesses which form a large part of the heart of our economy.
Should you know anyone who would get something from joining us then get them to come along and meet us so that we can give them more relevant information that may well sway them.
For anyone interested please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].
Onwards and upwards
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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