What a great few days of sunshine we have again been able to enjoy, whether WFH, back in the workplace, some children back in school with many more being home taught, the pressures of life in the current situation are almost always that little bit better when we rise to glorious sunshine.
We are now a couple of weeks into the easing of restrictions around a number of retail businesses and as such we at M&A 2020 are probing the membership and the wider business community to give us feedback on how the current 2m social distancing rules have helped or hindered the shopping experience for both owners and customers.
Please give us your comments as the intelligence is always beneficial when talking to our local MPs and the local authorities about how we collaboratively get the economy back on its feet.
We held a fantastic second virtual breakfast meeting this week with Rosie Smith, East Midlands Agent for the Bank of England, who explained the current economic position and answered some very pertinent questions from the very well attended audience.
The before and after networking sessions appear to be getting some good feedback and it is hoped that both members and non-members will support all our events during July. You can book onto any of those sessions here.
The hard work done behind the scenes is to ensure we continue to sign post you to relevant information, to get you engaged with us and your peers and for everyone to gain a little something at every session.
July 4th will see yet another ease of restrictions which I am in no doubt will excite some, panic others and be a cause of much debate.
I would simply ask that for those who are minded then please support your local pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants etc as they re-open. They have put a lot of time, effort and money into making their venues as COVID safe as practicable and we should applaud them, then support them.
We have a Meet the Mayor session planned for July 6th when it is your chance to pose questions around what is happening currently; what are the post COVID plans? Where is the Towns Fund Bid? etc. You can also discuss with Andy Abrahams and other Mansfield District Council leaders what you would like to see happen.
Don’t miss out on this great conversation event.
This week also saw the Discover Ashfield board pushing on with the builds of some significant projects that, following local consultations, are now at a stage of review for both practicality and ability to deliver once the Towns Fund bid process is concluded.
Ashfield District Council and Discover Ashfield have worked long and hard to produce what will hopefully be some fantastic schemes for the future. We will support all this work in whatever manner is appropriate.
Sadly, the #ppe4nhs campaign has almost come to an end but we, who were involved, would like to say one last thankyou to all the businesses that donated over 105,000 items (value c.£60k). I am so proud of you and the team who worked so hard managing every element of this great cause. It shows what we can achieve when we put our minds to it.
The focus now must be for all of us to support each other, support local business and to focus on how we get back to inspiring our young people, raising their aspirations during what will be a tough few months or so and to help get skill enhancement programmes into being which will assist those unfortunately losing employment to stand a chance of getting back on their feet.
M&A 2020 will be at the forefront when asked to support whatever we can in any practicable manner.  I am sure you as members will also do whatever you can whilst getting your own businesses back to up speed and for that, I thank you all.
For any information please look us up on our website
Or contact us here
Have a great weekend
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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