I hope the recent wet weather has not adversely affected the businesses of the area continuing their journey getting back up to speed.
I suppose it may deter the casual shopper from venturing out to the newly opened shops but please, when you can, support our local businesses.
I am personally doing my bit with a haircut (long overdue!) and a visit to a bar. Whilst these are personal choices it is everyone’s choice when and if they wish to engage in such activities.
And as such it’s important that we should respect differing views, at the same time realising these businesses need our help.
It has certainly been a very busy week for Ella and I at M&A 2020 dealing with conversations with potential strategic partners who we support and indeed who support us as a group, the continuing work on preparation for all the events we are currently holding and guiding our thoughts towards our Awards event and new 10 year strategy.
On the theme of events I would like to thank Chris Morledge for a very enlightening virtual workshop on IT/Digital Strategy this week. The information presented is something I know a number of business leaders would benefit from.
This was the first of three digital technology events being put out to the members and to the wider business community as we continue to support the economic growth during lock down ease.
For any information on future events please look us up at www.mansfieldandashfield2020.com
Both Ashfield District Council and Mansfield District Council are pushing on with their work on Towns fund and High Street fund bids and we will keep you posted with any progress.
Can we ask you for some support with affording some time over the coming weeks to consider being involved with helping us make and promote some very short videos which can be used to promote you and your business but also used to inspire our youngsters and those unfortunately losing their jobs, that there are still many good businesses around that may be able to help in due course once the initial pain of COVID is realised.
This type of support can be vital in how we promote the area as we look to work with various stakeholders supporting means of generating inward investment which in turn would produce more jobs and a more vibrant economy.
For further information please contact us on
[email protected]or [email protected].
Have a great weekend
Gary Jordan
Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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