Ashfield District Council announced the aim to build 200 more Council homes over the next four years.

Since 2019 the Council have already built 108 homes, smashing the original pledge of 100 new homes by 2023. The ambitious new target follows the identification of several sites across Ashfield that are prime for housing.

Two Council-owned sites have been identified for a potential 47 Council homes; Hardwick Lane, Sutton, known as Hardwick Lane Rec could accommodate up to 30 homes and another 17 could be built on Central Avenue, Kirkby.

Today the Council has also approved plans to start a consultation with residents on the change of use of Hardwick Lane Rec from open space to land for housing. Hardwick Lane Rec is considered appropriate as there is an abundance of excellent parks and open spaces in Sutton for residents to enjoy.

The Council-owned garage site and the land adjacent on Central Avenue are currently under-used and would not affect the allotment holders or result in loss of allotments. 

Over the past four years the Council has built disabled adapted bungalows in Sutton and Skegby, family homes on garage sites in Hucknall, an old car park and the site of a derelict social club in Sutton and is about to complete eight homes on garage sites in Kirkby, and 20 homes on unused land in Sutton. The Council’s largest development is currently underway on Warwick Avenue in Kirkby which will welcome a mixture of 34 homes early next year.   

Cllr Tom Hollis, Executive Lead for Strategic Housing and Climate Change, said “Ashfield District Council have revealed another ambitious aim to double the amount of Council homes being built in Ashfield. We have already built an impressive 108 homes, several of which will be completed this month.

“The Council is committed to actively reducing the waiting list for our social housing and we recognise how important having Council homes that are an excellent standard are to our tenants. The plans for the potential new homes are really exciting and we can’t wait to see how they develop.”

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