A Nottingham city centre watch repairer has been able to keep his business ticking over by combining new technology and old-fashioned postal services.

David Bowey (32) runs Tick King in the Victoria Centre, repairing watches that range from standard timepieces to luxury brands such as Rolex, Longines and Breitling.

He has a number of regular business customers, and he has also worked on watches belonging to high-profile footballers.

The business has come a long way since he took over an existing shop five years ago by putting his £15,000 life savings into the purchase.

Not only was it a brave financial move for David, who is married to Gintare (33) and has a one-year-old daughter, but it also came shortly after a life-saving operation to remove a brain tumour.

When the coronavirus outbreak forced the closure of his beloved shop to customers and he had to furlough his staff, he knew he would find a way to battle through.

So he enlisted the skills and expertise of Nigel Lamb at Nottinghamshire-based Xposure Creative marketing.

Nigel and his team transformed the www.tickking.co.uk website, improved the search engine rankings, focused social media advertising (while reducing spend), and enhanced the communication with customers.

Xposure also created an automated system so that potential customers could make enquiries, get quotes, and then post their watches to Tick King.

David can also now more easily manage orders from the office at his home in Nottingham city centre.

David said: “We continued to trade as long as we could but then we had to close and of course the shop side of things stopped altogether. We needed to do something.

“Prior to Covid19, we were getting about four or eight enquiries a day online. Thanks to the work of Nigel and his team, we are now getting anywhere between 40 and 60 online enquiries a day.

“Without the website and web shop and new systems now in place, I’m not sure we could have kept going. It’s largely down to Nigel and his team.”

David is looking forward to getting back in the shop, but for now his new website is helping to keep the business running.

Nigel Lamb commented: “It’s great to see how passionate David is about what he does so we were delighted to be able to help him at this time. The combination of getting the website to really work hard, together with the new postal system, means that David is able to continue to build his business.

“The work we have done had to be turned around quite quickly. But, we look forward to working with David to make further improvements.”

Nigel Lamb will be running a workshop on behalf of Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 on July 23rd, that will outline how you can automate your business in a similar way to Tick King.

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