The world of sales is being transformed and Fred Copestake, the international sales performance coach, trainer and consultant, has now written the book about how to adapt.
Selling Through Partnering Skills: A Modern Approach to Winning Business looks at the evolving world of sales and sets out what people need to do to refine their approach and be successful. It explores how they can take their existing skills and knowledge to the next level through understanding partnering intelligence (PQ) and using the innovative VALUE Framework.
As well as evaluating the current methods of selling, and outlining the new way of thinking, Fred offers advice on practical applications of the most relevant techniques, so that by using PQ, people can create an environment that builds trust and mutually-beneficial relationships.
“Put simply, this book helps individuals and businesses improve how they sell in the modern sales environment so they will achieve better results,” says Copestake.
“I’ve gained a huge amount of experience over 20 years of training, coaching and consulting in more than 35 countries, where I have worked with those involved in professional sales to deliver performance improvements designed to achieve results.
“My focus is always on how salespeople can use a modern approach to develop a more collaborative approach to working with customers. At all times, I seek to be as practical as possible, and concentrate on the outcomes that will deliver the business results required of any project.”
Selling Through Partnering Skills: A Modern Approach to Winning Business is now available via Amazon, with Kindle eEditions priced at £9.99, hardback version at £27.95 and paperback edition at £13.95.
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