Happy New Year to all,
Let us all keep a positive outlook, no matter how we currently feel, with the view to this year being so much better than the last.
Yes, we are in a national lockdown, COVID cases are rising and sadly loss of life too.
However, the only way we can affect these tragic facts is by doing our bit to curb the spread.
I hope that members and the wider business community managed to get a little respite during Christmas and sincerely hope that our numbers do not reflect poor judgement by the odd few.
MA2020 will be kicking off our support program with the following:
Thursday 14th January 8.30 am – Just Networking 
Tuesday 19th January 12.30 pm – Just Networking 
Thursday 28th January 8.30 am – 2020 Breakfast Meeting 
We will be discussing Brexit and some of the related issues at our breakfast meeting as this will become a very topical subject over the coming weeks.
Plans to organise events for February are underway and as always, I ask you the members to let us know what we can do to help you as an individual or as a business.
Ashfield District Council have updated their business support advice following the latest government developments and you can find more information about that here
You can also speak to one of their business support team by emailing Nathan McNicholas [email protected]
Mansfield District Council will be preparing to help where they can with a number of grants re-launched recently as below:

  • Business Start-Up Grant (up to £1,000) is available to individuals looking to start a business in the Mansfield district.
  • Business Growth Grant (up to £2,500) is available to established businesses based in the Mansfield district and which produce a viable Growth Plan that demonstrates potential job creation.
  • Shop Front Improvements (up to £2,500) is for independent retailers, already occupying premises in the Mansfield district, which want to make alterations or repairs to their shop front to enhance its appearance.
  • Vacant Shops Grant (up to £2,500) is open to independent retailers taking occupation of a vacant retail property in the Mansfield district.

Having spent time during Christmas helping with food and medicine deliveries I was made even more aware of the plight of so many in the area that will also need support. It certainly was a humbling few days.
And just this week with schools closing the campaign #makingITpossible has become even more important.
I do not apologise for asking once again for equipment or cash donations to help our young people get the education they deserve.
Digital poverty in children can and will lead to digital exclusion as an adult.
Check us out as below:

  1. Facebook – makingITpossiblenotts
  2. Twitter – @makingITposs
  3. LinkedIn – makingITpossible

Cash if you can to:

  1. Crowdfunder.co.uk/makingitpossible

We are also looking for any I.T companies that may be able to help with sanitising any donated equipment and prepping it for use by students. Please email me here or you can call me on 07469181802.
The Board of MA2020 will spend the next three months to the end of March introducing new support teams to discuss, plan and implement some hopefully exciting and beneficial projects that will be of use to you as you start up, restart or recover your business.
We will be asking for member participation in these groups to get the best from the array of entrepreneurial, business leader, management and employee talent the area has to offer.
Please join us on a new journey and let us make 2021 a much better year for all.
By becoming a member, you get access to some really good people, important information and beneficial peer support.
However, not being a member does not preclude you from help as I maintain my position that we must work collaboratively and together to grow our economy and make 2021 the year Mansfield & Ashfield are recognised for special things.
For anyone interested please contact us at [email protected]or [email protected].
Many thanks to all who have attended our programme of events during 2020, we look forward to seeing and engaging with you this year.

Gary Jordan
Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 Chairman
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