Entrepreneurs & business leaders will face many crisis situations over a lifetime manifesting themselves in different forms such as an economic downturn, the loss of some major clients, compliance & legislation changes or a force of nature such as the COVID-19 crisis. 
In a crisis your response as a leader will stay in the memories of your team for a long time. Your team will expect you to lead, some may even demand it. The team will panic. It’s ok to panic, it’s human nature. But panic & fear is not going to get you through a crisis, well not intact anyway. As the leader, you must instil resilience in your team while you lead them through the crisis. How do the best leaders do that, so that they have a long lasting silver lining of the crisis cloud? The answer, compassion is your best friend. 
Qinesis, a team of experienced CEO’s, MD’s & Directors at different companies have faced many moments of crisis spanning over 25 years. We have consolidated our experiences in a model called, The ABC Guide to Resilient Compassionate Leadership in a Crisis. 
The model provides a path through 3 key phases of combating a crisis. These are; 

  • ACT – Understand the challenges 
  • BALANCE – Regain Stability 
  • CONTINUE – Pre-crisis business trajectory 

Through each stage, key business elements are pragmatically considered, these being; 

  • Leadership 
  • People & Strategy 
  • Continuity & Finance 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Customers 
  • Digital 
  • Well Being 

As the leader, your team is looking for you to be inspirational, brave & creative to not just survive, but to thrive. No one wants to feel they are just surviving. They don’t want to tread water; they want to swim! Your team wants to trust your leadership & nothing will do that more than your demonstration of resilience & compassion. When they see you do this, your team will do the same themselves, benefitting everyone to overcome the crisis. 
The ABC Guide to Resilient Compassionate Leadership in a Crisis Model, provides you a step by step pathway, to plan & execute that plan, not just to survive, but to thrive beyond COVID-19. 

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