There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has been highly disruptive to Mansfield and Ashfield businesses.
Whether you have had to furlough staff, set up homeworking platforms, learn new skills or shut up shop, this has been a very uncertain time for all of us.
Never mind all of the personal changes: homeschooling, staying indoors, cancelled holidays, queuing for the supermarket, leaving birthday gifts on the doorstep…we begin to wonder when things will start to get back to some kind of normality!
Many of us have been thinking about how our business may change over the coming months and whether we need to make permanent some of the temporary solutions that we have put in place to help us navigate the crisis. It has been made clear that precautionary measures will need to continue for a while yet.
Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 are currently developing a number of sessions that will help you make the most of the changes and provide support and guidance in areas that may be completely new to you. Our first session will cover an area that many businesses have expressed a need for guidance with: Returning to the workplace.
The government advised that there will be a phased return to work over the coming months depending on the sector you work in. This has led to some changes in Health and Safety guidance to make the workplace COVID secure. The government have also introduced some changes to the furlough system which will come into effect at the end of July.
In addition to this, you may find your employees have concerns about returning to the workplace.
As businesses we are sure that you will have many questions about how you can prepare your workplace and employees. To help you get through this we have set up a virtual question and answer session with M&A 2020 Members: Adam Wade of AW safety and Nicky Silver of Nicky Silver HR. 

Adam has been busy working over the last few weeks to get face to face training sessions back up and running in his own businesses, so is able to provide practical solutions based on personal experience as well as his wealth of knowledge in health and safety legislation.
Nicky has been working with many businesses during the crisis to help employers remain compliant with the law whilst navigating the furlough process and managing expectations. As a result Nicky has been able to learn first hand the challenges faced during this difficult time and can provide practical examples of how to handle various situations.
Adam and Nicky will provide a quick round up of the information that has been made available and then the session will be opened up to our attendees to ask questions.
The sessions are free to attend and will be run twice at different times of the day, so hopefully there will be a time that suits you.
Thursday 4th June at 9:00 am and Wednesday 10th June at 3:30 pm.
Register for your chosen session by clicking on the link below.

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