On Friday the 25th January Samworth Academy are running a ‘Year 10 employability, skills and career ambitions’ whole day event called ‘New Year New Me’.
It’s going to look at extracting the existing skillset that the students already have but might not realise they have.
It will also be an opportunity for students to start thinking about the ways they can capture any new skills they will acquire over their academic and professional careers, and personal lives. We are inviting in employers and providers to drive some of these workshops and encourage students to think about the transferability and applicability of their existing skills to different careers and vocations.
They have asked if any 2020 members would be able to support the ‘New Year New Me’ event?  They are looking for support for 5 x 1 hour workshops starting at 0820 and finishing at 1430, with a reach to approximately 200 students.
It only just under two weeks away but if any one can help to support the event they would be extremely grateful.
If you area able to help: please email: Jennie Lord (Teacher of Physics) at [email protected] or call 01623 663450.

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