As business owners (and human beings) we’ve already been faced with lots of difficult stuff this year and it seems there’s more to come. It’s no wonder anxiety, overwhelm and hopelessness kick in sometimes.
When this happens for you, instead of pushing on through your urgent to-do list, it’s most useful to:

  • Look after yourself with loving kindness. Prioritise the environment and activities that soothe and nourish you.
  • Remember while you can’t control what’s going on externally, you have choices with the thoughts you think and where you focus your attention. What can you tell yourself to reconnect with your faith in life? This morning I found myself drawing on one of my favourite quotes;

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.” – Julian of Norwich

Having lived a colourful life with many challenges, business and personal, I am expert at supporting myself and others through testing times. You can experience what it’s like receiving my expert support, for free, in my weekly group coaching sessions on the following dates;

  • Friday 16th October
  • Friday 23rd October
  • Friday 30th October

There will be two group sessions available on these dates; Heal Your Life and Goals To Reality.
Both groups will strengthen and encourage you to take action towards your version of vitality and contentment even in these uncertain and scary times.
Here’s a short video about Heal Your Life, where I share some of my inspirations behind creating the sessions:

To find out more about Heal Your Life, head over to the website here.
To find out more about Goals To Reality, click here.
I hope you’ll join me for the upcoming taster sessions.

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