At this time of year the receptionists at Health on Hand Mansfield usually gets swamped with people seeking an immediate appointment.
The conditions, almost every one, are lower back pain. The given causes are remarkably similar: “I was only digging out the weeds…raking…moving the lawn…”
The sudden bursts of sunshine will tempt many into their first bout of manual work for months; to trim back the ravages of winter and those all gales.
“Sadly this happens year after year” say local chiropractor Thomas Jeppesen of 15 St John Street, Mansfield. “It is very important to look after your back, especially when undertaking a form of exercise that you are not used to. If you want to stop gardening back pain and be able to appreciate all the hard work the next day, then follow these top ten tips:

  1. Gently stretch your muscles and ligaments for a few minutes before and after gardening; but don’t bend down and touch your toes straight away– this can cause damage.
  2. Wear light but warm clothes and make sure your back is covered at all times.
  3. Kneel on one leg rather than bending your back repeatedly, but keep changing position.
  4. Use long handled tools to prune tall plants.
  5. Use only a small spade/form for digging, keeping your back gently hollowed and your abdominal muscles tight.
  6. Do not always work to one side, vary your position.
  7. Don’t do the same task for long period, vary your tasks every 15 minutes or so (mobile phones have a countdown timer action to help).
  8. Keep your back straight when carrying.
  9. When finished have a hot bath or shower, then do your stretches.
  10. Do not sit for too long in your favourite armchair afterwards. Stand up and regularly walk around.

If you have been suffering call your local chiropractor on 01623635333.
Or visit:
Chiropractors specialise in diagnosing and treating disorders of the spine, joints and muscles. Treatments consist of unlocking the stiff joints with skilled manipulations, known as an adjustment. Quick, comfortable adjustments are used with just the right amount of pressure to restore function and mobility to joints. Please phone us to find out what conditions can be helped with chiropractic.
Special rates available to 2020 members: Initial consultation and treatment £40, follow up treatments £30. Offer valid for the whole of 2019. Please quote ‘2020’ when making the appointment.

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