Phil Nicholson, Director of Stopfords (second form left) with Gina Dolan, Kelly Gregory & Alan Peacock (Rumbles Catering Project).

Employees of Mansfield-based Accountancy Firm Stopford Associates have been running, cycling and swimming 25 miles to raise over £2,500 for three local charities.
Founded by Brian Stopford in 1994, the firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers has grown from a kitchen table business of four people to a thriving company with currently 23 employees.
To celebrate the firm’s 25 years in business, those taking part in the Challenge ran 13 miles in the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon, swam one mile at Water Meadows Swimming Centre, and finally cycled 11 miles around Mansfield visiting their clients to raise support for the event.
All the money raised will go directly to three local charities: S.H.E. UK, Mansfield Street Pastors and Rumbles Catering Project.
S.H.E. UK supports survivors of childhood sexual abuse, exploitation and sexual violence through a holistic range of services, including 1-to-1 and crisis therapy, support groups, creative therapy and personal development. The charity also provides training for other organisations.
Mansfield Street Pastors make Mansfield town centre a safer place on Saturday nights. Over 35 volunteers from churches in and around Mansfield patrol the streets in teams, offering help to people leaving pubs and clubs, whether it is a bottle of water, first aid or a shoulder to cry on.
Rumbles Catering Project gives young people with learning disabilities a great start in life through its catering and life skills training course and voluntary work placements. Students can progress onto professional NVQ courses in Catering, Customer Service and Hospitality, helping them bridge the gap between education and employment combined with independent living.

“Times are tough for many small charities at the moment,” said Phil Nicholson, Director of Stopford Associates. “There aren’t as many grants around as there may once have been, which means many of them are relying on donations to continue their work. We’d like to do our bit to help!”
The money raised will help these charities carry on with the excellent work they do in Mansfield and the surrounding area. The fund raising page is still open, if you would like to support the challenge please visit,
Photos – Phil Nicholson (Director of Stopfords)with Nicci Robinson & Rachael Cumberland (S.H.E. UK), Andy Radford & Rev Konrad Schaefer (Mansfield Street Pastors) and Gina Dolan, Kelly Gregory & Alan Peacock (Rumbles Catering Project).

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