Animal Care students from West Nottinghamshire College have been giving nature a helping hand whilst learning at home.
As part of their studies on wildlife and habitat improvements, tutor Cherilyn Huff set students on the entry-level 3 course  the challenge of making a bird feeder out of materials they could get hold of in the home setting.
Some imaginative bird feeders have been produced using a wide range of materials, as well as a butterfly feeder.
Linda Kiselova, Thomas Newton and Amy Swain, (pictured) were just some of the students to take on the challenge.

Linda said: “People can easily make bird feeders at home. Mine cost nothing as I used things I had around the house. It took me ten minutes to design and 30 minutes to make using cardboard boxes from strawberries, some thread, thin rope and four bolts.
“Maybe those 40 minutes taken to make a feeder could save birds’ lives, helping them to get food and water easily.”

And she’s already seen two sparrows eating seeds which she put out with a bowl of water.

Tutor Cherilyn said: “Everyone has really impressed me with what they’ve created and the students have been very resourceful with the materials around their homes.
“It’s great to hear that birds are already using their feeders and I hope that it’s inspired the students to watch the wildlife visiting their gardens.”

Also pictured are Thomas Newton with his recycled bottle bird feeder and Amy Swain who created a butterfly feeder.

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