It was definitely not a full stop for students at West Nottinghamshire College last week as they thoughtfully supported Project Semicolon – the organisation dedicated to the prevention of suicide.
Project Semicolon’s work is based on the foundation and belief that suicide is preventable and everyone has a role to play in preventing suicide.
Students put their creative minds together on Friday (22 March) and staged a day of fundraising through sales of homemade cakes and treats, as well as offering face painting and henna designs which incorporated the charity’s semicolon character.
Colourful and informative displays about Project Semicolon decked the art and design building together with a handmade banner. Students also wore personally designed T-shirts depicting the semicolon in a range of styles.
Kristine Alohina, 16, said: “We did plenty of research about the charity, and then put our artistic skills to the test. It took three weeks to create our T-shirts and I made eight of them. Clothing design is something I’d like to specialise in.
“We chose to raise funds for this charity because we have seen how much suicide has been in the media and we wanted to create more awareness about it amongst our fellow students.”
Curriculum manager for visual art and design Kerry Pilcher, said: “This project has been part of the students’ personal progression plan, showing working with others. They’ve all worked hard to organise this event, taking on the roles of project manager, administrator, make-up artist and design team.
“They’ve taken a sensitive subject very seriously and tactfully and informatively staged an event to raise both awareness and cash.”

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