The Rotary Club of Sutton in Ashfield is a charitable organisation whose members work in and with the local community to raise funds for local charities providing assistance with international disaster relief and helping to eradicate disease worldwide.
In normal years their major source of fundraising is the Christmas Sleigh which tours the streets of Sutton in Ashfield enabling them to collect monies on the way. Unfortunately, because of the Covid19 pandemic this had to be substantially altered this year, and whilst they were still able to tour the streets, they were not able to collect monies.
One of their projects this year is to support the local primary schools to obtain IT equipment for schools. They are able to assist in the purchase of IT equipment that can be distributed by schools to their pupils to assist with their pupils education.
A major fundraising activity that they are now holding in conjunction with EcoRacing is a Virtual Balloon Race (Coronation Race) which is to start on 2nd June 2021 and will last for a 7 day period.
A virtual balloon race works in the same way as a physical balloon race, but the balloons fly around a webpage, rather than in the atmosphere. At the end of the race the balloon which has travelled the furthest will win a prize of £500. There will also be other prizes awarded nationally. They will also be holding a “race within a race” that is devoted to the local area. Additional prizes will be awarded by the Rotary Club of Sutton in Ashfield. The First prize will be £100, Second Prize £50, and Third Prize £25.

This is intended to be a fun event. Participants will be able to decorate their own balloon; fill it with helium; and watch the progress of their balloon on the website – all for the cost of £3 per balloon.

We hope that you will join in and encourage others to do so. 

To learn more about how you can get involved please take a look here 

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