Lloyd school of Taekwondo, run classes in various spaces such as village halls and leisure centres in Mansfield and surrounding areas. Due to the prolonged closure of these types of venues they have been heavily affected by the pandemic as the students have not been able to train. Lloyd School have moved their classes online but the students feel that it’s just not the same.
9-year-old Betsy Blackwell commented “What I’ve missed the most is the sparring. It is a contact sport so hasn’t been the same working alone, no pad work. I prefer to be in a class. It’s just not the same training online as it is face to face. The guidance and feedback aren’t the same online. I would like to achieve in Taekwondo, improved ranking, increased fitness and to be able to compete on an international level”


So, they are reaching out to local businesses who may have space available. The schools currently have some potential world beaters and it’s such a shame they cannot continue to grow within the art of Taekwondo. Do you have an empty workshop or storage space that would be big enough to accomodate between 25-30 people following social distancing guidelines?
Are there any Mansfield businesses willing to help? The school has lost members due to no training facilities and they are committed to rebuilding numbers. Taekwondo provides superb guidance and discipline for our young people; can you support us?
If you can offer any help or support please get in touch with John Morley by email or phone 07703438584

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