St John’s Outreach Project have purchased and decorated a new disabled toilet with help of a £500 donation and volunteering from The Mansfield Building Society.
St John’s Outreach Project is an organisation established by local residents in the Kirkby area, which provides support to vulnerable people at its community centre on Skegby Road. The group is run by local volunteers who dedicate their time to maintaining the converted church centre and running various projects such as a soup kitchen.
The Project applied to The Mansfield’s Community Support Scheme asking for a £500 donation towards a new disabled toilet which will make the site fully accessible to members of the public. Not only did they receive the finances, staff from the Society also volunteered to help add the finishing touches by painting and cleaning the newly fitted bathroom over a 3 day period.
Elaine Moulton, Organiser from St John’s Outreach Project said, “As we’re expanding and other groups are looking to use our facilities, we needed to get the work done quickly. We desperately needed a disabled toilet for our community centre.
It’s fantastic that The Mansfield is able to provide us with a donation that covered the cost of a new bathroom installation. It means we can forge ahead with our community plans much sooner than we anticipated. We really can’t thank Mansfield Building Society enough.”
Daniel Winfield, Marketing Assistant at the Society visited the project and said: “The new disabled bathroom looks terrific and it will have such a positive impact on the people that St John’s Outreach are helping.”
The donation was made through the Mansfield Building Society’s Community Support Scheme which funds local groups and organisations in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The Scheme meets twice yearly in May and November to consider applications. To find out more or to download an application form go to
The project was also supported by the Mansfield Building Society’s Work in the Community scheme. To find out more or to get in contact with the Mansfield Building Society regarding volunteer opportunities visit

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