Mansfield Building Society is on the lookout for volunteering opportunities and funding requests from local charities and community groups in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
Alongside the Society’s eagerness to volunteer, it provides financial support to local organisations and charities through its Community Support Scheme. With donations typically ranging from £100 – £1,000, the scheme looks to help boost projects or charities that benefit the local community.
The Society is looking to help the community where it can as the local area begins to re-open following the Coronavirus restrictions.
Engaging in the local community is part of the Society-wide culture, and each employee is given the chance to take two working days per year to volunteer for local projects or charities. Not only does this help the Society work to improve the local area, it can also create a wellbeing boost for both its colleagues and community groups.
Recently colleagues at the Society have helped out at Spa Ponds Nature Reserve to clear areas for wild flower seeding, and historically, volunteering has included school art projects, mock interviews, adding a lick of paint, or even just picking up litter.
Whilst the Community Support Scheme does not support animal charities or individuals, historic donations have included a contribution for a new wheelchair accessible boat, providing gardening or sports equipment and the purchase of defibrillators.
Whether your group need financial support to help it re-start after the pandemic, or it needs volunteers to help see a project come to fruition – The Mansfield are keen to do what they can.
For volunteering opportunities, charities and community groups can email [email protected].
Mansfield Building Society’s Community Support Scheme funds local groups and organisations in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and meets twice yearly to consider applications. To find out more or to download an application form visit

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