Russell ‘hitting the right note’ at September’s Breakfast Meeting

It was great to see the large turnout to our new ‘Start of Term’ meeting this September.
I always felt that September is like that, people have had a rest through the Summer, think about their exciting plans & wishes and spruce them up, then armed with those, set out to make a difference. And as always our thoughts turn to the future and that always means that ‘C’ word coming to the fore.
Although we may moan, we have to remember that planning ahead is key to all successful business results and thanks go to our meeting Sponsors ‘Mansfield District Council’ for focusing our minds on how we can help our area in the Christmas celebrations and what they can do to enhance the businesses within the community and Christmas. It’s a great excuse to have fun, tell everyone about your business, to smile and forge new friendships & connections.
I loved Christmas Bingo, even though I was too confused to have understood how it worked. Everyone focused in on the message from Helen Sissons at Mansfield District Council and understood just what an opportunity it is for businesses and the community to be bigger better & stronger. Andrew Cropley of Vision West Nottinghamshire College set out his hopes that businesses would get more involved and told me that 2020 are answering his call, by becoming more involved, delivering input and assistance for students. It’s great to see those connections being made within our network and we all know that working together makes these things happen.
Finally, we heard from one of the original Patrons ‘the CHAD’. They have moved on with the times into a digital marketplace and gave us an insight on just how they can assist in planning our business for the future.
And without wishing to repeat things from my final message as Chairman and Board member of 2020, I would like to reinforce some of the things I said. I joined the Board in May 2010, and over the years I have seen many changes but in many ways, the song remains the same. 2020 just shows that whilst there is an ‘I’ in Improvement, being part of a Team, means Together Everyone Achieves More.
We are blessed with our Patrons. We have Vision and Real action from our educators. Leadership and innovation in everything they do, from our jewel in the crown that is ‘Linney’.
In our Councils, we have forward-thinking teams that deliver on meaningful projects and plans,  including recently the Hotel developments in Mansfield and our secret investor at the Summit Development, together with quality housing being developed by both. We have fantastic media Patrons, our good news providers from the News Journal, our Radio Station 103.2 continuing to be the premier local radio station and in the Chad one of our original Patrons.
So in saying goodbye, I would like to remind you of this.

Despite everything that has been thrown at this area, both regionally and nationally, over the years, our area has done what it does best, ignores the doubters and detractors, and proves why this place is the best place to live, work and play. Be strong, be true to yourself and believe and anything can happen. That is what this area taught me and it’s why it doesn’t just survive but prospers and improves so well.
Goodbye and good luck with the future, as I am sure this area will do nothing but go on from strength to strength.

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