Sports students from West Nottinghamshire College gained industry knowledge and expert advice through a trans-Atlantic seminar last week.
The Future of Fitness online conference saw students join in with international fitness professionals, distributors and health experts from over 95 countries to discover more about the industry in current times, fitness trends, products and technology.
Hosted in America by leaders in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America, it meant that the students, who are training for potential careers as personal trainers, sports coaches and teachers, could learn more about the health, wellness and fitness sector through a series of seminars – some of which focussed strongly on the global pandemic which has affected the industry.
Students on the BTEC Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science (Extended Diploma) Top-Up chose seminars which would benefit their own forthcoming assignments and career ideals and logged-on to sessions which included:

  • Virtual Fitness: Why a Hybrid Model Is a Must for Your Club’s Survival
  • Retention in the Time of COVID-19
  • What Members Want From Their Health Club in an Age of COVID-19
  • Making Your Health Club Welcoming to the Traditional Non-Joiner
  • PT Time: Two Takes on How the Personal Training Business Is Changing

Tutor Maria Higgins said: “This conference was a really positive opportunity for the students. In class we look at socio-cultural issues within sport alongside sport science, so this industry link was ideal to learn more.
“It was interesting to see how the industry is dealing with the current pandemic and is managing to keep afloat. A lot of companies have adapted their product. One example is MyZone which works with wearable fitness technologies and they have excelled because of the adaptability of their product.
“To have an opportunity to be involved in the conference hosted from the United States wouldn’t have happened outside of lockdown – it’s been one of the up-sides to COVID19. The students realise how lucky they have been to take part and be able to cite this within their work.”
Student Ellie Paterson, 17, who would like to study sport rehabilitation or therapy at university in the future, said: “I logged-on to a session which discussed the influencing of government strategies. It explained how politicians need to understand how sport and fitness can help the population more.
“Obesity is a big health problem and sport and fitness needs to be promoted more to educate people. Even when social distancing, sport and exercise can still be done and it’s great for mental health too.
“It was also discussed how lots of time and money tends to go into just a few certain sports. Many countries agreed that other lesser-known sports need to be represented and funded.”

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