Pre-Christmas, local recruitment agency TurnerFox ran a charity campaign to collect sleeping bag donations from other local businesses, to help homeless people within the Mansfield area.
Christmas and end of year in recruitment usually means bag drops, goodies to clients and other gifting. However, this year Turnerfox were inspired to do something different, to make a positive difference in the community. Therefore, this year they poured their resources into helping the homeless.
After discussions with The Salvation Army, it was brought to light that an item rarely donated but desperately needed, was in fact sleeping bags.
With an uncertain cold Winter ahead, a waterproof, heavy duty sleeping bag can be the difference of life and death for those living on the streets. Last year alone saw the loss of 78 homeless people across the UK, mostly due to cold temperatures.
Mansfield currently has 24 people on record that are sleeping on the streets and many more that are classed as ‘homeless’. With a problem that is so prevalent in the area, it was an easy decision for TurnerFox to power ahead to do what they could to help the homeless, working with The Salvation Army.
It didn’t take long for the campaign to gain traction, and many generous companies and individuals within the area quickly jumped on board. The final donation list is as follows;
Linney Group (x6)
JetPress (x2)
Persimmon Homes (x6)
Collier Antiques (x2)
Midas Creative (x2)
Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributor (x2)
West Nottinghamshire College (x15)
TurnerFox (x1)
Individual Donations (x1)
Many of the donators were from individuals within the company.
TurnerFox have made special mention of West Nottinghamshire College, after the December 2020 Mansfield and Ashfield Breakfast Meeting. The campaign being ran by TurnerFox was brought to light to Principal of West Notts College; Andrew Cropley. Andrew passed this opportunity onto other staff and students at the school.
The students ran bake sales, raffles and straight donations to raise as much money as possible to buy waterproof sleeping bags. To the surprise of TurnerFox, they had managed to raise £355, enabling them to buy 15 sleeping bags and waterproof back packs as well.
Michelle Fox from TurnerFox has said; “The students and staff at West Notts College have gone absolutely above and beyond to donate to this amazing cause through donations, bake sales and raffle tickets. With little notice they managed to raise enough money to purchase 15 sleeping bags and three rucksacks! We cannot thank them enough for their efforts.”
TurnerFox also offered to all donators a prize draw of a Christmas Hamper to 1 special winner in the coming week.
TurnerFox would like to say a big thank you to everyone has been involved to make this charity campaign the success that it was.
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