Dear 2020 member/supporter,
You may be aware that the Nottinghamshire County Council are looking into the ‘Unitary Council’ model for Nottinghamshire. 

County Hall, Nottinghamshire County Council

It is my personal view that such a project is highly likely to undervalue the areas of Mansfield and Ashfield and, as a result of this, the continued good works of both Mansfield and Ashfield Councils would be decreased as a result of funding and resources being targeted in other areas.
The current self-imposed ring fencing of funds for the communities of Ashfield and Mansfield by MDC and ADC would, if maintained in such a Unitary Council from the outset, be under mounting pressure as a result of the ‘mixing’ of funds and aspirations in other conflicting areas.
As a result in my personal view it is likely that, no matter what aspirations are set out at the implementation of such a project, these would come under increasing pressure and diminish with time as a result of the unitary nature of the project.
We all have a short time limit to comment on this project.
Please see the link below and I would urge you to have your voice, whatever you views, for or against my own, so that the County Council can see what the local views of people in the affected areas are.

Yours sincerely
Russell Jones
Chairman, Mansfield & Ashfield 2020

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