Following feedback from our recent 2020 event we felt that during the current social distancing restrictions, many businesses would really benefit from the opportunity to JUST get to know one another over a virtual coffee. A number of our attendees really appreciated the opportunity to speak to people virtually that they had never chatted with before and, because the virtual rooms are small, everyone can hear what each other is saying and feel that they are being listened to.
The events are open to everyone, whether you are a member of M&A 2020 or not and are completely free to attend. We feel that during times like these connection is really important and our businesses need as much support as we can give.
Each event will run for one hour and will be split into two seperate 30 minute sessions of networking rooms.
All attendees are split into rooms of up to 6 people to JUST network. There are no speakers, no sales gimmicks, just straight forward relationship building. Say hello, get to know one another and become a part of your business community.
The events will be run twice a month on a Tuesday lunchtime (12.30pm) and Thursday morning (8.30am). We will aim for the second Thursday and the third Tuesday of each month (although the calendar may push the odd date out here and there) so look out for email invites and dates in our newsletters.
Our first events will fall on Thursday June 11th 8.30 am and Tuesday June 16th 12.30 pm. Click the links below to register for your place.
We hope to see you all very soon.

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