Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 welcomed our new member Simportal in February and we asked them to explain how their business could help others in the membership.
The article below explains how they can keep your business operating even in the midst of a crisis.
Despite the first lockdown causing a huge overnight loss of income, Sutton-in-Ashfield based Personal Trainer Luke Beastall MD and owner of Muscle Coach UK faced the future with surprising optimism.  Having grown his business over the previous two years to 30+ regular, gym-based clients and three online clients, the first lockdown hit his business very hard with a 90%+ drop in income.
Luke knew that the way forward was to grow his online client base, but the administrative burden of coordinating interaction with many online clients would severely constrain growth.  Despite there being several online services available specifically aimed at Personal Trainers, Luke’s enterprising nature enabled him to see a unique opportunity to deliver a personalised and branded service to his clients using Simportal.
So, the team at Simportal built a solution for Luke on their “no-coding required” cloud platform, and the transformation of his business began.
One year on and Luke has over 30 online clients, including one in the United States and one in Montenegro. When the gyms reopen, he intends to re-balance his business with 30 online clients and 20 face to face, taking his earning to six figures!  This amount of growth is possible only because Simportal does the bulk of the administrative ‘grunt work’.
“Simportal®, delivers for my clients and frees me up from the administrative burden giving me back valuable hours of my time. I now concentrate on delivering a high-quality service for every one of my clients.” – Luke.
The Simportal mantra – “Solutions not software” – gives their customers the best of both worlds – customised and bespoke solutions without needing to invest any time and effort in learning about software.  How is this possible?  Easy – The Simportal team builds and maintainstheir customers’ solutions for them, all within a fixed subscription cost.  This is what they mean by “Solutions not software”
Simportal’s cloud-based solutions work on any device with a browser and no software installation is required. The story above is only one case study. Other examples apps are Arrowsmith Engineering – ECR, Tecserv UK – CRM, Rainbow Int’ Asbestos Removal – Quote management, Smart Aluminium – Snag management, Abacus Lighting – Non-conformance reporting & asset management, The Manufacturing Technology Centre – Client lifecycle, Raw Motorsport – Racecar maintenance & invoicing, Asmech Systems – Quote lifecycle. Many of our customers run multiple linked solutions within their cloud based Simportal platform.
If any of your business processes suffer from the following problems – reliance on spreadsheets, lack of visibility, inability to collect real-time data “at source”, inconsistent procedures, excessive manual collation and re-keying of data – then please contact Simportal for a free, no obligation chat. If they think they can solve your problems, they’ll build you a solution to test drive yourself – again, for free with no obligation.  It couldn’t be any easier!
Brian Harvey
[email protected]
07970 818043

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