If you think about your garage door, when was the last time you showed it some love? Coming up to valentines day, it’s the one time of year we need to show a bit more care and attention to the silent doors in our life that just keep on working.
But, what would you do if one day it stopped working, got jammed or just wouldn’t close? Who can you call? Considering what we tend to store in our garage it’s not something we can just leave open or unlocked.
Well, the Garage Door Service plan stops such things from happening. Pay a small monthly fee and have your garage door serviced regularly to make sure it remains in tip-top condition.
And sign up by 14th February and not only will you receive the first month free, but you’ll also be entered in a draw to win the whole year free!
The annual service only costs £6 a month paid via direct debit and the plan includes:

  • Oil and lubricate all moving parts as necessary
  • Check fixings
  • Re-balance door springs as necessary
  • Check safe and reliable operation
  • Check safety systems if automatic
  • Check batteries and change if necessary
  • Clean door face

This usually takes just under an hour to complete.
Click to visit our competition page for more details and to sign up.

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