Mansfield District Council, Sherwood Forest Trust and the NHS have united together to begin planting 3,400 trees across the district to ‘green up’ the town.

The opportunity to plant new trees follows the launch of a new scheme to create climate-combatting woodlands, coordinated by the Greenwood Community Forest with its key partner The Sherwood Forest Trust (The Trees for Climate Team).

The Trees for Climate project will see a variety of tree roots planted in key sites across the district, including, Peafield Lane Park, Fisher Lane Park and Carter Lane. The council has been working proactively with the Trees for Climate team for the last eight months to identify existing parks and nature reserves where the planting could take place. When choosing the locations, consideration was given to avoid any potential impact on neighbouring properties with overhanging branches and root growth. The council also ensured the tree species selected for planting on the sites would not grow out of control, or require significant maintenance by the parks team. 

The first round of tree planting is expected to be complete by late March, with more sessions planned for October 2023 and March 2024.

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