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Would a colleague at your small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) benefit from joining a network of aspiring managers and ambitious new starters? If so, Innovation Community Lab (ICL) could be the key to their future success and to your business growth.
Specifically for SMEs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, ICL is a 30-hour programme of interactive and engaging workshops designed to share knowledge and skills around business innovation. Taking part in ICL can help develop a junior colleague’s confidence, business acumen and leadership potential.
The programme is offered free of charge to eligible SMEs.

What To Expect

Enrolling your graduates into ICL will sign them up to six monthly sessions covering the following topics.
Introduction – Wednesday 18 July
Getting to know fellow delegates and being welcomed into the ICL community. Understanding the corporate strategies, values and vision of your business.
Illustrate Your Idea – Wednesday 22 August
Learning how to form, develop and pitch an idea through understanding and analysing your business.
Implement the Idea – Wednesday 19 September
Negotiation, persuasion and influencing, plus project managing an idea as part of a team.
Initiate Sustainability – Wednesday 24 October
Measuring success and impact, and how to sustain an idea once it’s implemented.
Invite Change – Wednesday 21 November
Becoming an innovator and working within a team to drive innovation.
Ignite Your Innovation – Wednesday 12 December
A showcase and celebration of all ICL delegates’ work, and of the positive impact they have had on your business.
Each session will come with its own practical work-based task, which delegates will structure around your organisation. This means that their learning will directly benefit your business. We’ll measure the ICL programme’s impact on your business by collecting data before and after the programme, making sure ICL is truly effective for your business.
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Ignite Potential

Event for Line Managers
Wednesday 11 July 2018
2 pm – 4.30 pm
Harts Nottingham, Standard Hill, Park Row, Nottingham NG1 6GN

We invite line managers to join us at this special event before the start of our ICL programme.
The session will give you:

  • an introduction to the Innovation Community Lab, and an understanding of the aims and objectives
  • guidance on how to coach the candidate to make the most out of the learning and development programme
  • an overview of the knowledge transfer activities and how these can be applied to business
  • an outline of minimum versus maximum success
  • review coaching techniques for you as a line manager
  • the opportunity to network with other local businesses.

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For more information about ICL, contact our Business Services Consultant Emmie Studencki.
Tel: +44 (0)115 848 2569
Email: [email protected]

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