Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 needs your news – but do you know how best to supply information that will make the headlines?

The website and newsletter are valuable communication tools, sharing information and news from member businesses and key partners. It’s important to do this at any time, but more nowadays because of what’s happening in the world.
But 2020 needs members to help by sending in news stories that really do tell the tale that businesses want to tell.
We asked 2020 member Wayne Swiffin, of Mandatum PR, for advice, based on the fact that he has been a journalist, copywriter and a media relations advisor for around 25 years.
“Too often,” says Wayne, “businesses put together news releases that don’t really tell a story. It’s why press releases don’t get used in the media or are difficult to use in a newsletter.
“Businesses have to ask themselves what the actual news is that they want to shout about. Does it really stand up as a news story and why do they want to make the headlines?
“They have to tell the whole story in a logical and readable way – what has happened, why, how and what it means and for whom. But, too often, people don’t follow the basics of a press story.
“Sometimes, they add in too much irrelevant information, or, more often than not, they don’t put enough information in. Get it right, and press releases will be used in newsletters.
“It’s also useful to send relevant pictures with news releases. 2020, like newspapers, needs quality images to go with stories. It makes it easier for people to put newsletters together and will help you to get coverage.
“One more tip is that when a newsletter item has been written, it could also be used in local newspapers such as The Chad or the Mansfield & Ashfield News Journal, or on the radio such as Mansfield 103.2, trade magazines or the national press.”
Nigel Lamb, of 2020 member Xposure, said: “We’ve had media coverage and newsletter inclusion because we have been able to put together news items in a way that tell the story. Journalists and those who compile newsletters want relevant information and images that help them to do their job.”
If you need any help writing and putting articles together, then Wayne at Mandatum PR is available to help. Wayne Swiffin, Mandatum PR, 07854 689914

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