At Xposure, our aim is to sell more, to more, for less. This is what we tell our clients we can do for them. Our clients benefit the most when they use our flagship service XposureHub, which is powered by the marketing automation platform SharpSpring.
In March 2020, we took on a new client Tick King, a watch shop in the heart of Nottingham. They had struggled with their online marketing while working with another marketing company and after not seeing the results they wanted, they contacted Xposure.
Using our XposureHub service, this company’s sales and marketing have been transformed dramatically in only a few months. So much so that SharpSpring has written about our success with Tick King in a case study, explaining how we’ve used their platform to increase Tick King’s enquires by 327% in only 48 hours. This success story was also featured in the Nottingham Evening Postand News Journal, which reported that enquires increased from 4-8 to 40-60 a day.
COVID-19 has provided an opportunity for Tick King to develop its online ordering and postal repair service, keeping the company busy throughout lockdown due to their online marketing developed by us. Using SharpSpring we cut Tick King’s costs, whilst increasing site traffic by 143% by improving SEO. Xposure also set up a bespoke automated system to allow potential customers to ask questions, obtain quotes and post watches to Tick King.
Tick King uses our services to gain customers, communicate with them and most importantly sell to them. SharpSpring has written about our story with Tick King to show the excellent results their platform combined with our services can achieve. Using XposureHub we cut Tick King’s marketing costs by £400 a month. What could your company do with an extra £400?
Read SharpSpring’s case study here and contact us to discuss how we can transform your marketing, book a meeting here.

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